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ERC is an invitation only, personal and business development society for the purpose-driven world changers who see creating businesses as more than a career or a lifestyle or a way to make a living. Our members see it as a way to have impact, create a legacy and leave the world in a better place than when they arrived.
A place to gather, discuss and champion entrepreneurial thinking. We gather brilliant, diverse and open-minded individuals who see service, justice, generosity and the collective good as necessary to solve global issues and build a fairer, more inclusive world today and for future generations for the next 1000 years.
This is not a tribe for just anyone and we curate the membership very carefully.
We seek out the disruptors; the rebels and the dissidents and the dreamers; the ones who look beyond ego and who see things differently. Those who challenge the norm and push the boundaries of what's expected and what's possible.
In joining ERC you will gain a lot, but a lot will be expected of you too.